Toward Hopeful Skies: Two Ukrainian Children’s Books in Yiddish and English. A Benefit Volume to Support Ukrainian Relief. By Yuriy Budiak

These two beautifully illustrated children’s books by Yuriy Budiak were published first in Ukrainian in the 1920s and shortly thereafter in free Yiddish translations. As a testament to the universal appeal of children’s literature and the joyful contact of cultures these translations represent, they are presented trilingually – in the original Ukrainian, in the Yiddish of Yoysef Ravin, and in English translations by Jordan Finkin and Jessica Kirzane. Due to the rarity of the Ukrainian original of the second book, this volume also contains a Ukrainian back-translation from the Yiddish by Oksana Shcherba, sponsored by In geveb. Proceeds of the volume will go to support Ukrainian relief through the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

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